What The Heck Does That Mean?

We want you to fully understand every work in each one of our listings, so that you can make the best choice in products when buying from us. This season we are providing a list of words that you may come across in the descriptions of our products and what they mean. Just click on the word to take you to examples of that style. We'll be adding to it from time to time. We hope it will answer some of your questions. Of course, if it doesn't do the trick, you are welcome to email us.

Swimsuits In General

One Piece Swimsuit- A piece of woman's clothing, like a leotard, that covers the torso in one piece and is meant for swimming, or just toe-tipping and sunbathing..

Maillot- A woman's one-piece suit. Parlez vous francais?

Monokini - The old school term, "Monokini," meant a one piece swimsuit that exposed the breasts. Today, it usually refers to a woman's one piece swimsuit with cutouts on the sides and/or front. (Also called a Cut-Away Swimsuit.)

Cut-Out 1 Piece - Pretty much the same as a Monokini. (Also called a Cut-Away Swimsuit.)

Bikini - A woman's two piece swimsuit: a top, or bra and a bottom, or panty. (Men wear bikinis too, but we're not going there right now.)

One Shoulder - A swimsuit that has only one shoulder strap, or support, creating an asymmetrical design.

Tank Suit - A sleeveless one piece swimsuit that has straps over the shoulder.

Tankini - A woman's two-piece suit that's in somewhere between a bikini and a one piece swimsuit, with the top part covering breasts, as well as the ribs.

Brazilian Bikini - This is a general term for the skimpy, sexy swimsuits that originate from Brazil. They generally have very small cut bottoms, especially in the back.

Competition Swimsuit - For women, this is usually a specially designed one-piece that is worn in competitive swimming, such as the Olympics.


Bandeau - A woman's bikini bra top, or one piece swimsuit bodice that is a singular swath of cloth across the breasts. It can be twisted, ringed, tied, with, or without straps, or plain.

Split Bandeau - A bandeau top that is cut in the center front, creating a V-neck shape.

Halter Top - A bikini top that has elongated cups that tie around the neck.

Stationary Halter Top - A halter top that is permanently attached to a bodice strap and can not slide back and forth.

Sliding Halter Top - A halter top that has a tunnel along the bottom of the cups for a strap to slide through. This allows the top to be adjusted for a better fit.

Underwire Top - A bikini top or 1-piece swimsuit bodice that has supportive, curved wires under the breasts.

Demi-Underwire Top- An underwire top that is cut low on the breast, allowing more of the bosom to show.

Bustier - Pretty much the same as a demi-underwire.

Floating Underwire - Similar to a regular Underwire, but the wire is suspended within the layers of fabric so it does not show from the outside.

Tri-Top - A simple bikini top that consists of two triangles and strings around the neck and in back.

Stationary Tri-Top - A tri-top that is permanently secured to a bodice strap and does not slide back and forth.

Elongated Tri-Top - A tri-top that slides along a bodice strap and the top points of the triangle are elongated to look similar to a halter top.

Bra Top - A bikini to that has shoulder straps that go straight over the shoulders and meet with the back strap, similar to a bra, (as in lingerie.)


Thong - Usually a two piece swimsuit that has very, very little fabric covering the back side of the bum, forming a Y shape in back.

Boy Leg or Boy Shorts - a swimsuit that has a low on the thigh cut and looks a bit like a boy's pair of pants.

Hipster Bottom - A bikini bottom that is like a woman's set of shorts, but is cut low on the hips. It offers a little more coverage than the average bikini bottom.

String Bottom - A bikini bottom that has strings at the hips that may tie, or may be stationary.

Tie-Side Bottom - A bikini bottom that has strings at the hips that tie.

Euro-Cut Bottom - A moderate back coverage bikini bottom that is cut with straight,triangular lines in back. It's skimpier than an American Cut, but not quite as trim, or curvy as a Brazilian cut and offering somewhere between minimal and moderate coverage in back.

Scrunchy Bottom - A bikini bottom that has a gathered, center seam in the back, creating more shapely cheeks.

American Cut Bottom - A bikini bottom that is cut shapely and slightly fuller in back than a Euro-Cut, or Brazilian cut. In the 60's this was a very full cut in back, but now days, it is much trimmer, offering moderate coverage.

Euro-Cut Bottom - A bottom that is slim cut in back, usually in a triangular shape. the coverage is somewhere between Brazilian cut and American cut.

Brazilian Cut Bottom - A bikini bottom that is cut shapely and skimpy in back showing much of the bum and offering minimal coverage in back.

Moderate Coverage - This describes the amount of coverage, usually in the back, bottom half of a bikini, covering most of the bum in a fairly modest fashion.

Minimal Coverage - This describes the amount of coverage, usually in the back, bottom half of a bikini, covering about half of the bum. Not as skimpy as a thong, but less than a Moderate Coverage bottom.

2-Finger Bottom - A bikini bottom that is about 2 fingers wide, (about an inch and a half,) at the hip seams.

Other Terms:

Separates - Bikini tops and bottoms that are sold separately as a single unit, which allows a customer to buy only a top, or only a bottom.

Separate Sizing - Bikini tops and bottoms that are sold together, but are offered in separate sizes. For example a Large top that is paired with a Medium bottom. All of the swimsuits at Tropi-Ties are sold this way.

Ruching or Shirring - A gathering and draping of fabric that gives detail to the swimsuit design.

Embellishment - Added detail to a swimsuit such as beads, sequins, embroidery, findings, etc.